Lessons October- December 2021

October 2021 Peter en Helen will start the next series of courses. For absolute beginners the course starts 4 October, Venue: De Nuie Geusselt Zaol, Olympiaweg 68, Maastricht, for Intermediates 6 October, Venue: Centre Manjefiek Malberg, Malbergsingel 62-72, Maastricht.

Course 2021-1 :Monday 20.00-21.00

Beginners 1: the basic principles

In this course for beginners  students will learn  basic rules and movements of the Argentine Tango. The joy of dancing is the most important!

Date: 10 weeks starting 4 October

Course 2021-2: Wednesday 19.30-20.30

Intermediate 1

This course is suitable for dancers with at least one yearsof experience. We will work on improving basic movements, as well as connecting with your partner and the music.

Dates: 10 weeks starting 6 October

Course 2021-3: Wednesday 20.45-21.45

Intermediate 2

 This course is suitable for dancers with at least two years of experience. We always work on improving basic movements, as well as connecting with your partner and the music. In this course however, the accent will be on the interpretation and expression of the music in the dance.

Dates: 10 weeks starting 6 October


The cost of this course (consisting of 10 lessons of 1 hour ) is 100 euro per person; a single lesson costs 13 euro.  Students under the age of 30 receive a 10 euro discount when signing up for the full course.

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Registration is done on the registration page. After registering, you will receive a confirmation containing the payment information. Following our terms and conditions , registrations for a full course take precedence over single lesson registrations, and are on a first-come, first-serve basis. The registration is only considered valid after the course fee has been received!

When registering for the full course, please transfer the course fee as soon as possible to the following bank account:

IBAN: NL79RABO0146510925
In the name of: Stichting Tango Maastricht

Please indicate your name and the name of the course in the description.

When registering for single lessons, the course fee can be paid in cash at the start of each lesson.



Peter: In 2004 I first came into contact with Argentine Tango in the newly opened El Corazon in Aachen. It started with a weekend workshop and followed with numerous courses and workshop with various dancing instructors. In Daniel Perrusin I have found my instructor under whose teaching I want to further develop the elegant style of salon Tango.

Helen: Tango is an important part of my life. For me, Tango at its best is about living 100% in the moment, fully aware and relaxed, connecting with my partner and the music. I have learned a lot from various teachers in and outside of the country, and from my dancing  partners. I love to pass on some of my passion for Tango Argentino to others.